2015 Box Office Failures  


You have to agree that not all films are box office hits. Moviemakers fervently pray for their films to hit box office but sometimes, only a few people appreciate it. This is the reality of the industry and one must prepare for the results. If you are a movie bum, you need to know movies that set so high but flopped.


Despite the effects and the actors, there are movies that did not quite get their expected results. Here is the list of the 2015 box office failure:

  • Blackhat: Blackhat is Michael Mann’s crime thriller movie featuring Chris Hemsworth. The movie opened together with Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper. Blackhat’s budget was $70 million but it only made $4.4 million. Though the budget was earned back, it did not cover the post production cost. It turned out that the film only lost $80-90 million. Even Chris Hemsworth cannot entice more moviegoers.
  • Child 44: Child 44 is an adaptation of Tom Rob Smith novel. The movie is set during the Stalin era. It featured Gary Oldman, Vincent Casel and Tom Hardy. Despite the names and the era, it did not attract attention. The budget was $50 million but it only earned $3.3 million.
  • The Gunman: Gunman starred Oscar-winner Sean Penn. The story is filled with action but many people seem not taken into it. The film did not surpass the $40 million budget. It just earned $15.4 million.


  • Mortdecai: One of the finest actor in this time, Johnny Depp is Mortdecai. Apparently Depp did not drive enough money to the film. The film only made $30 million worldwide which is roughly half of its budget. The movie made Depp’s fifth failure in row.
  • Aloha: Aloha is directed by Cameron Crowe featuring Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone. Despite the big names, like other films, it did not surpass its $37 million budget. It only earned $23 million and many people thought that it made no sense.
  • Seventh Son: Seventh Son featured Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Alicia Vikander and Kit Harington. Seventh Son is an epic fantasy movie with budget of $95 million budget. Though Seventh Son is successful overseas earning $93.4 million, it still incurred losses of about $85 million.
  • Jupiter Ascending: Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis could do so much more but this film never gave them much credit. The budget was $176 million not including the post production costs. It only earned $181 million thereby losing almost $100 million. That is a serious number.

Singaporeans love movies. If you feel that these films are not a failure at all, then let it be.


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